Charmaine Hayden

Founder of Good Soil Venture Capital &  Director of Face4Music Model Agency

Charmaine Hayden is certainly a force to be reckoned with. Before entering the world of Venture Capital as one of the only Women of colour in VC in the UK to be a managing partner, she was no stranger to kicking down diversity doors.
By the time Good Soil was founded Charmaine had already built 2 incredibly popular diversity brands (5x award-winning ethnic/curve model agency – Face4music and Goal Digger power circle – a hub for female entrepreneurs) before many people were even thinking about braving the “diversity” conversation. She credited her thick skin and solution focused attitude to her tough upbringing.

Whilst her businesses have grown her passion for industry disruption remains the same. Only this time Charmaine’s mission is more deep-rooted in the world of tech startups. Now a managing Partner at Good Soil VC she describes their fund as being dedicated to minimising funding disparities in tech by investing in startups with high growth potential whose founders are of women, people of colour, LGBT or otherwise disenfranchised. Whilst Charmaine’s entry path via empowerment, talent and entertainment could be considered an unconventional path into venture capital. She has managed to marry the two. So as well as being a host on one of the hottest online talk shows “Not for the radio” which amasses an average of 100,000 views per 60 minute episode. Charmaine “Chams” has also managed to put her presenting skills to use to in bringing talent to VC via her radio show “Money Talks: with Chams on Rinse Fm 106.8fm, which gets an average of 300,000 listens. She describes the show as “Dragons Den with seasoning“