Danny Wonders – Creative Director

Danny Wonders is a Creative Director/Editor/Photographer from East London. 


From producing music videos, short films, commercials, web series, documentaries all the way to weddings and photography there are really no limits he sets for himself. 


He founded his Media company Wondervision Films late 2015, as soon as he found out he had been sacked from his job at William Hill. 


He then decided if he was going to excel he would have to take control of his own future there and then. His vision is to take things worldwide through film and entertainment. All whilst moving in harmony with a strong team who are willing to bring out the wonders within themselves. The ethos behind his company is to produce thought provoking, brazen quality film/photography content which will inspire other filmmakers within the craft to aim higher, all whilst leaving behind a legacy of greatness for the younger generation in all fields to follow.