Gori Yahaya

CEO Upskill Digital

Gori is the Founder and CEO of UpSkill Digital, a leading digital training & transformation agency that creates and delivers human-centric digital engagement programmes.

Gori’s inclusive and person-focused approach has garnered a roster of clients including Google, Samsung, Lloyds Bank and BT, to name just a few. He has engineered and led programmes that have upskilled over 200,000 people in Europe, Africa, always with a mission to include people of BAME backgrounds and those from other, often excluded groups, ensuring that no-one is left behind when it comes to developing relevant skills for the future workplace.

A diversity and inclusion champion, Gori has successfully curated a team of like minded staff who embody his passion for representation – by no means an easy task in the tech industry – and has been the architect of a number of BAME leadership schemes. Passionate about driving and supporting entrepreneurship within black communities, he is also an ambassador for the Young Black Business Awards”