Jay Ann Lopez

Black Girl Gamers - Founder
Curlture - Co-Founder

Jay-Ann created Black Girl Gamers to cater for those who felt invisible and/or ostracised by the gaming community.  Having been an avid gamer since a very young age, gaming has always been integral to Jay-Ann’s personality and lifestyle.  For years Jay-Ann noticed that she and other women like her, were perceived to be invisible or unimportant in the gaming scene so she decided to make a change. Jay-Ann regularly speaks to corporations and media about the importance of representation, diversity and inclusivity in the gaming community and wider tech world.


As well as Black Girl Gamers, Jay-Ann co-founded the online platform: Curlture. Curlture focuses on natural hair, beauty and supporting businesses within the community.  The success of Curlture led Jay-Ann and her best friend and co-founder Trina to self-publish a book (KINK); appear on radio and TV including BET international, BBC1 Xtra and more; lead workshops in the UK and abroad; appear on panels and work with major brands to curate innovative content.